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Direct Action 

You've voted, but you live here in Indiana, and you know that even in the best-case scenario, it'll be years before people in your community will get the material help they need from the political system. If you want to help people today and not wait for politicians to improve things in the far-off future, then Direct Action may be for you. Direct Action means taking action to directly improve conditions rather than appealing to elected authorities to make the change on our behalf.

Mutual Aid forms of Direct Action include people organizing to collectively meet each others' needs. Professor Dean Spade, Seattle University School of Law, offers a Mutual Aid explainer video linked below. 

Mutual Aid Direct Action Opportunities
in Central Indiana


Circle City Mutual Aid

CCMA shares survival and hygiene supplies with mostly unhoused and housing precarious folks in downtown Indianapolis. If you want to learn more, email Circle City Mutual Aid at

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