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House Bill 1568: Prescription for contraceptives.

Script for calling your legislators:

"Hello.  I am [insert name] and I live in your district at [insert address?].  I'm emailing/calling you today to encourage you to vote "YES" on HB1568 as it comes to a vote this upcoming week.  This bill is an important step to increasing access to birth control in our state through pharmacists prescribing.  As a clinician/public health practioner, I understand the barrier that patients face when it comes to primary care and family planning. HB1568 is a step towards making sure Hoosiers have additional  options for birth control access, giving Hoosiers the ability to plan if and when they get pregnant.  Please vote YES on HB1568."

Not a healthcare practitioner? Please, still call!

"Hi, my name is [name], and I am one of your constituents. I am reaching out to encourage you to vote "YES" on HB 1568 when it comes to the floor this week. I urge you to support this bill because allowing medical board-guided pharmacist-prescribed contraception will improve access to contraceptives- and improving access will improve the health and lives of Hoosiers. Please vote YES on HB 1568."

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