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Call Governor Holcomb Opposing SB480

Senate Bill 480, which would prevent Indiana minors from accessing gender-affirming care and would criminalize clinicians who provide such care, is set to be heard in the House Public Health Committee soon.

This bill would be detrimental to the health of transgender adolescents in Indiana and is an egregious government overreach into the patient-doctor relationship.

It has passed the Senate and now goes to Governor Holcomb to sign by the end of the week.


What you can do TODAY do to help oppose this bill:

Please take a moment this week to call Governor Holcomb at 317-232-4567 and ask him to veto SB480. There is no option to leave a voicemail with his office so you have to call between 8-5 M-F.

Here's a script you can use! Please sure to mention if you are a healthcare worker. 

Phone Script for SB 480:

"My name is ___ and I am an Indiana resident.  I'm calling to ask Governor Holcomb to veto SB480.  Gender non-conforming kids are already at risk for depression and suicide--this bill will increase that risk and result in real harm to our kids. Please veto SB480."

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