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 GTC, Indiana Statewide Independent Living Council, and Citizen's Action Coalition of Indiana discuss
the SCOTUS case, HHC v. Talevski

The Supreme Court heard HHC v. Talevski Tuesday, 11/8.

What you can do:
Contact the Mayor to urge HHC to drop the case

This case has the potential to completely change the landscape for federal safety net programs, disability rights, and other civil rights programs (ie Title IX). 

ContactJoe Hogsett, Mayor of Indianapolis, TODAY. Here is a guide on how to do this:

1) Call his office (317) 327-3601.

2) Make your ask - to the staffer who answers the phone, or by leaving a voicemail. Here is a suggested script:

"Hello my name is XYZ and I live in ABC. I am calling to urge Mayor Joe to contact the board members of HHC and ask them to drop the Talevski petition. This case jeopardizes the public safety net and is not good for Hoosiers or Americans."

That's it. By doing this, you are taking an active role in our democracy. Thank you for your efforts.

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